Thursday, March 01, 2007

My girls.....

I have the absolute pleasure of watching little Dylan for Annie on Monday's & Tuesdays for a few hours so she can train clients. Tuesday was my first day with her and my daughter Sarah wanted to stay home and be with me and the baby. She didn't have any tests in school, and so I let her take a "mental health" day. We took little Dylan for a walk by the ocean, took a lot of pictures and played all morning with her. Sarah is so amazing with babies and children. She has such a soft heart for them - and will make a wonderful mother some day - FAR AWAY FROM NOW!! :) Posted by Picasa


OCRunnerGirl said...

Beautiful picture! Your daughter is sweet. Your in trouble mom!
Have a great weekend.=)

Shari Baby said...

Kim, daughter is really sweet. I just hope that she gets a smart head on her shoulders and makes good decisions for her life. :)