Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Me & My Lilly.......

Today I went for a run on my treadmill, Lilly and felt great! This is a stupid picture and worse pose, but I was just goofing off ;)

Ran 6 miles

21-15-9 reps
box jump
bodyweight + deadlifts (I used 115 pounds) but I weigh 105
ring dipps

I didn't time myself and should have, but I hate working out alone!! Tomorrow will be better...... Posted by Picasa


JeffO said...

I wish I could look that good in a "stupid picture"! I'd have to lose about 15 lbs. and work out 20% more. That would get me as toned as you, but I still wouldn't look as good.

GB said...

Woman! Look at those abs! Man... someday I'll have abs like that (but probably not). Glad you had a great run and a good workout.

Brendan looks great holding little Dylan! She is such a little cutie pie baby!

Shari Baby said...

awww....thanks for the sweet comment. I have to work hard at it, believe me! Take care and thanks for stopping by!!

Shari Baby said...

Hi girl! Get in the Zone and it will be SO much easier - trust me :) How have your runs been going for you ? I'll have to stop by your space and see what you have been up to !! Take care

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Did I read that right? Is your treadmill named, "Lilly"??

Great job running six miles on one of those hamster wheels. I could never tolarate more than about 30 minutes on one before I felt like I was going to get dizzy and fall right off.

Shari Baby said...

LOL!! I have run 13 miles on a treadmill before when it was dumping rain and I HAD to get the miles in for training....talk about booring!! I have to run on the treadmill 2 times a week instead of outside in order to keep my injury at bay. I find that if I run outside every time it irritates my knee/back/hip and I'm back to square 1. Believe me - I'd much rather be running along the ocean or in the forrest :)