Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Playing around at CrossFit San Francisco

Sunday Brendan and I went to CrossFit San Francisco to train his clients and LOVED the box they have there! It's so raw and punk rock - no frills, just out in the back parking lot with a roll up storage unit housing the equipment. They had Bakar ladders, rowers, all the O-Lifting stuff you need and this incredible monkey bar! I had fun getting across it and trying to skip rungs without falling. Brendan incorperated it into the workout and had Jen & Erik bunny hop on the bars grabbing each rung until the end - then turn around and swing back. Nice warmup. B made it look so friggin easy but when others tried we failed miserably! Oh well - another thing to work on.

Monday workout :
heavy back squats
warm up with 45 pound bar, 10 reps then:
at 130 pounds

No running. Was going to go to track, but was too exhausted after being up at 4:30am. I wanted to be fresh for todays workout (Tues) - who knows what B will throw at me so I better be ready. Posted by Picasa


GB said...

Monkey Bars! Oh my gosh, my husband put the kids playground together in our backyard and it has monkey bars on it. I tried to cross them the other day during my kids' "boot camp" for mommy. I FAILED! I couldn't get past 2 bars. What a fricken weakling. I need more CrossFit! That looks like a great set up there in the City. Thanks for sharing!

Shari Baby said...

hey girl....use those monkey bars! It's fun and a great workout for strength and grip. Thanks for stopping by girl - take care!!