Friday, February 02, 2007

Play Time with baby

This is Dylan and I having our play time Thursday at CrossFit. She always has these great bear outfits on that make her so warm and cuddely. I was teaching her "How big is Dylan.....?...sooooo big!" A fun game that I used to play with Sarah and Brandon and they loved it. Dylan was smiling so i guess she liked it too :) I have to say that this child brings so much joy into my life. I could hang out with her all day long and be totally happy about it. I miss having a little one to snuggle with - my kids have gotten so grown up overnight it seems. I don't think they would want to play this game with me anymore, even if i begged them :) Posted by Picasa


Auggie's mom said...

awwww cuz, you are such a goddamn natural w/ babies! :) hee hee! i love this picture, what a beautiful kid . . . makes you think for 1/2 a mili-second on a baby, then you snap back to reality!

anyway, i can't run for 2 weeks, doc's orders. grrr . . . did my tendons in good.

Shari Baby said...

You know me - I love the babies :) I'd have 1 more.....anyway, sorry to hear that you can't run - BUT that's what happens when you run 32 miles!! Duh. Hope you feel better. e mail me what haoppened and details