Friday, February 02, 2007

Playing around

Brandon and Kana playing around at the aquarium...... Posted by Picasa


Bob Gentile said...

LOL Great Pic Shari,

Hey Join us in getting WEIRD!! Come on OVER :-)

I am on a QUEST to prove the definition Society puts on the word "WEIRD" actually means "Normal" to us!

READ Lisa B's POST you will Crack UP!!

Stop by to read the Complete Details :-) SEND your Blog FRIENDS over and join us in PROVING this very important issue --LOL Well not that important but it is FUN to Express our WEIRDNESS, I mean normalcy:-) that makes us unique.



Shari Baby said...

you came to the right person - I am weird! We have a bumper sticker here in Santa Cruz that reads ...."Keep Santa Cruz Weird" I think we are the epicenter for all the weirdos in the US !! LOL

Bob Gentile said...

LOL ahhh that is Great fello WEIRDO.

You really need to POST on your Blog 6 weird things about You( yes only 6--haha) and please check out Lisa B's post-- too funny.

Maybe u can add that sticker pic too--lol