Thursday, February 15, 2007

Weekend Crazies.....

Time to update my entries!! Last weekend was my time with the kids and we had a great time! Friday night we went to see Norbit at the theatres and it was just ok - we went to dinner first and just had fun together. Saturday I went running in the rain and I smiled the entire way! My knee/back/hip/body felt fantastic - no pain! I ran for 8 miles at 7:22 minute mile pace and only stopped to tie a shoelace. When I got home and knocked on the door I was soked to the bone and shivering - but that smile remained. I felt like the old me when I was running - I miss that woman who used to run fast with no pain. Saturday i got to be her again and I was THANKFUL!!!

Took the kids to another movie Saturday since it was raining - we went to see Epic Movie - STUPID! Some parts were funny, but otherwise it sucked. Then we went to sushi afterwards and I got Sarah and her best friend Mia hooked on Yam Central sushi rolls at Aqua Blue. We went to Toys R Us after and bought a super fun game - Mad Gab- and played until 11:30 laughing the entire time!! I really enjoyed hanging out with my kids and Mia Saturday evening and was stoked that they actually like to hang out with me as well. Sunday I went for another awesome run - 8 miles - no pain.....smiling the whole way!! Just as it should be!!! Posted by Picasa

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