Friday, February 09, 2007

Team CrossFit workout...

Today was a team workout and I was teamed up with Cill. It so happened that we both sported our pink CrossFit tanks today. No we didn't call each other :) Here's the workout...

15 - 12 - 9 reps of each

row for calories
medicine ball cleans 20 pounds
kettle bell swings 35 lbs.
push press 25 pound dumbells
pull ups

Each team mate finished their exercise before the other team mate went until each person completed each exercise listed.
Cill and I finished 2nd place and with little to no rest between exercises. Cill is an amazing CrossFit trainer and strong! She makes pullups look so graceful with those long legs of hers. Great Friday workout, and I am feeling better. Thanks Wellness Formula!! My baby is much better also and made it to work today - his clients are stoked to have him back.

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Jen said...

Great workout! I like the tanks!
How's that hip feeling? My shoulder is really taking a long time to feel better. I hope it's better by the Cert so i can work on my kip!! AAAGAH!

Shari Baby said...

As a matter of fact my hip/knee feels great! I ran with my track coach on Wednesday up some pretty steep grade for about 6 miles and no pain and no stopping. I felt great! Like my old self - finally. Hope that shoulder gets better and yu WILL get that kip down at the cert girl!

OCRunnerGirl said...

It's been a while girl. How are ya? Looking good as always!! Love to read about your CrossFit workouts and hope someday to do them ;)