Sunday, February 18, 2007

Beautiful day in San Francisco!!

Today Brendan and I went to San Francisco to train his clients, Jen & Erik at XFit SF. What a beautiful warm day it was! I love the city...always something new to see and do.....Jen & Erik always take us to some new interesting restaurant after the workout. Today they took us to have Dim Sum and it was super tasty....vegetable & meat filled dumplings that they bring to you on a cart and you choose which ones you want. We liked it all. Next time I think they said we are going for Korean food. Yummy!!

Brendan is such an amazing trainer and I always enjoy tagging along and helping out with his clients whenever he lets me :)

Hope you all had a awesome weekend also!! Tomorrow back to the Zone and hitting it hard at CrossFit!!
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CrossFit King said...

The thing I am most thankfull for in my life is that I get to share it with the most amazing, fun and beautifull women I have ever met. B

Shari Baby said...

I love you so much! Thanks for making my life so wonderful!!!