Monday, July 27, 2009

Wharf to Wharf Race

Sunday was the Wharf to Wharf 6 miler race that happens to run right in front of my house on Portola, all the way through to Capitola. My job was to sit on the corner and count how many men were in front of my client/friend as he raced. He was shooting for a top 100 finish (if you arent the top 100 your time isnt recorded and you dont get a awesome race sweatshirt). My son, Chris' son Jack and myself sat there, coffee in hand, along with many neighbors and cheering spectators waiting to see Chris. We counted 130 men in front of him, shouted the number to him as he whizzed by then tried to pick other clients out of the crowd. This race and I have many years of bad luck. I have never actually raced it - Ive had my number 3 different years with the intent to, but every year I've either gotten the flu, back thrown out, or last year my bouyfriend at the time was just being difficuly and decided to be a jerk race morning - so I watched from the corner last year as well. This year I was more than happy to cheer, my ankle being sore has kept me from running fast for a week as it heals.

I am so proud of Chris! He finished in 36 minutes and some change and I am always amazed at what an incredible athlete he is. His form is perfection, and he just seems to float!

The otjher pics are of the Kenyans who of course won the race, and check out the fast woman! Wow - she was incredible for me to watch! I get chills and goosebumps watching fast made it even better because my house is at the 3 mile marker and the half way point.....telling my clients "your half way there!!" over and over again was fun!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shari and Vic at the Games..

The Games

I got to meet my CrossFit Crush today and I was so excited to get pictures taken with him!! Vic Zachary from CrossFit Bayou in Texas. He's an amazing athlete and his girlfriend is one lucky woman!! Of course it was always fun to meet up with Jen from Jen's Gym, and Chris Spealer...but meeting Joe from CrossFit Milford was the coolest! I took a picture a while back doing backsquats in pink booty shorts - he copied the idea and took a pic wearing the same style pink booty shorts and tall black socks. Jason Leydon posted the pic in honor of me and it made my day! Meeting Joe today in person had me cracking up because hes a big man and picturing him in tight short shorts was hilarious! He mentioned thay his affiliate team initially wore skirts to compete on Friday, but with Jasons urging to change they did. Rats! That would have been impressive I'm sure :)

busy Sunday!!

Today I have a photo shoot, and have to read the script for the movie I'm playing a vampire in.....hopefully get to the Games at some point as well. I love busy days!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

CrossFit Games Are Here!!!

CrossFit Santa Cruz Central did an amazing job fighting for the Affiliate Cup. Annie, Tara, Dwane, Skip, Rob and Michelle all gave everything they had and the competition was tough. They came in 11th place and rocked it!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Favorite Spot in the World

The track! Its a love affair I've had for years that went astray for a few years. I have started to hit the track again 3 times a week or more if my schedule permits and I cannot tell you how it makes me feel. If I am having a rough day, or feeling anything other than relaxed after I put my track shoes on, kneel down and touch the track everything goes away. Most people do not understand that feeling - only my dear client and best friend Chris understands what that feels like......If I miss a lift at the gym, or don't hit a workout hard enough or aren't satisfied with my performance I know that if I go to the track I will crush it and I will feel better. It is in my blood, and it's something I can do that most people cannot or dont want to do.


1 mile (4 laps) warm up jog
2 laps stride straights, jog turns

2x 200 meters at 5k race pace followed by 200 jog
2x 800 at 10k race pace followed by 400 jog
2x 200 at 5k race pace followed by 200 jog
*1 lap jog after each 800

4 laps cool down jog and stretch
TOTAL 5 1/4 miles

Last night:

1 mile warm up jog
2 laps stride straights jog turns

1200 meters at 10k race pace
800 meters 10 seconds faster mile pace
400 meters 10 seconds faster
with 400 jog straights/walk turns between each repeat.

REPEAT set from 800 meter

4 laps cool down jog and stretch

TOTAL 5 3/4 miles