Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Games

I got to meet my CrossFit Crush today and I was so excited to get pictures taken with him!! Vic Zachary from CrossFit Bayou in Texas. He's an amazing athlete and his girlfriend is one lucky woman!! Of course it was always fun to meet up with Jen from Jen's Gym, and Chris Spealer...but meeting Joe from CrossFit Milford was the coolest! I took a picture a while back doing backsquats in pink booty shorts - he copied the idea and took a pic wearing the same style pink booty shorts and tall black socks. Jason Leydon posted the pic in honor of me and it made my day! Meeting Joe today in person had me cracking up because hes a big man and picturing him in tight short shorts was hilarious! He mentioned thay his affiliate team initially wore skirts to compete on Friday, but with Jasons urging to change they did. Rats! That would have been impressive I'm sure :)

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