Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Gotta catch up on posts -


Back squats
10 @ 45
5 @ 75
3 @ 95
3 @ 115
3 @ 130
2 @ 140
2 @ 145
1-1-1-1-1-1-1 at 145 each rep.

5 x 5 ring dipps for practice

Tuesday :

Run 6 miles on treadmill

Overhead walking lunges at 33 pounds
21 burpees
x 5 rounds for time
(I timed myself but forgot to write it was 13:57 or a little longer than that)


run 800 meters
100 push press for time 25 pounds 9:03 finish time
run 800 meters
100 deadlifts for time 25 pounds 5:57 finish time


Auggie's mom said...

cuz'n, i can see your undies! hee hee!! love you!!

GB said...

I wanted to tell you the same thing auggie's mom said, but she beat me to it!

I know what you mean about Santana Row. That's why I avoid that place as much as possible. There is only so much plastic I can deal with before I start to roll my eyes! But the place does have some great eateries and cafes. Glad you and B had a good time! :)

Shari Baby said...

made ya look!!! ;)ha ha ha ha

Bob Gentile said...

Nice Workout as usual Shari--way to go!

I seen the undies too, but I only looked briefly cuz I am a gentlemen... well might have looked twice :-)

Shedevil said...

So, what are burpees and back squats? And WHY are workouts named after people? I asked that before but got no response. Just curious.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

That's a lot of squats!

Great job!

Shari Baby said...

Workouts are names after girls like storms are. Cause they are just as devistating!!! burpees I can't explain without showing you - check out and under exercises there is a demo video. You should come workout and I can show you by making you do them!!! ;)back squats are when you have the bar on your back insteadof in front of you in a front squat. Hope you're doing well girl!!

Shari Baby said...

It was a lot of squats and hard!!! Give it a try.....thanks for stopping by. take care

Auggie's mom said...

cuz, you're getting almost as bad as me as far as posting blogs!! let's get some shit up in here!! :)