Thursday, March 15, 2007

Love the Colors!!!!

So this is my new outfit without the new jacket.....isn't it cute??!!
Run 7 miles at 6am 7:05 minute pace held the whole way with 30 seconds on/30 seconds off burts for 1 mile.

10 squat cleans 20# dumbells
15 box jumps
20 walking lunges
How many rounds in 20 minutes ?
I got 7 rounds in (somebody distracted me by talking to me so I lost some valuable time)

It was a great workout in the sun and I got to be trained by my honey so that's always cool!!!


GB said...

Woman you are too cute! You should be a model! That was a helluva great 7 mile run Shari. Very fast. I can't wait to read your race reports when you start racing again.

Shari Baby said...

awww...thanks for the sweet comments. I used to model - WHEN I WAS YOUNG!!! hee hee I'm creeping up on 40 girl - but thanks for the kudos anyway ;) I am working to get the speed back to where i usedto be - it's tough to start over :( hey - you kick ass with speed yourself girl!!