Thursday, March 01, 2007

My awesome 6 am client Vivian....

This is me and my 6 am client V....she has changed by leaps and bounds since starting CrossFit back in June. She's lost around 30 pounds, gotten incredibly stronger than before and she inspires all around her. I started training her back at the end of December and since that time she has gotten faster on her timed runs, and we've increased the weight on several of the workout. I am beyond proud of her and what she has accomplished at CrossFit. Way to go Vivian!!!

On Wednesday this is the workout I gave her :

run for warm up (not timed)
stick stretches - practice deadlift and correct movement.

21 - 15 - 9
deadlift at 135 pounds
box jump
jumping ring dipps

x3 rounds
Her time was 15:42 and she kicked ASS!!! Brendan and I cheered her on when we noticed that she was close to beating a friends time....she pushed hard and managed to beat his time - cutting it close!!

Afterwards we worked on static hold handstands. She held it for 1:07. Getting into a handstand has been a skill that she was not able to do before being heavier. I -am -proud of you - say I am proud of you!!! Can't wait for tomorrow to train her again!!!
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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Fantastic! I am always inspired by people who are able to take control of their lives and improve themselves through fitness. It must be a wonderful feeling to be able to directly affect someone that way. Great job, Shari!!

JeffO said...

And to top it off, look at that smile!! That's what it's all about! V~ is awesome!

GB said...

Give Vivian a big pat on the back from me please! Way to go V! Awesome job training her Shari. You are obviously inspiring her to give it her all! :)

In Your Element said...

Wow - Thats awesome! Both the weight loss and the strength and fitness increases are efforts to be proud of! Well done to both of you! Is V in the ZONE?

Shari Baby said...

Yes, it feels wonderful to be able to help V any way that I can. I think she is a great woman and so determined to meet her goals!

Shari Baby said...

She does have a great big smile! Brendan was taking the picture and he is nice to look at ;)

Shari Baby said...

I will make sure to pass on the kudos to Vivian. Thanks - she inspires me as well....

Shari Baby said...

in your element,
YES _ I put V on the Zone starting mid january. She does such a great job sticking to it and has her cheat day of course....her strength gains tells me she is way on track!!