Monday, December 11, 2006

Movie Night!!

My son Brandon and I took advantage of the new huge tv that Brendan bought and cuddled up together to watch XMen II. I can tell this winter there will be a lot of days like that ahead for us. Movies just don't seem as fun after you get spoiled like this. Thanks baby!!! ;) I was looking at this pic and WOW! Brandon looks a lot like me. I used to think he looked more like his father, Randy - but you can really see me in him also. Sarah was straightening her hair and didn't watch the movie with us - ahhh..teenage daughters!

Today I ran 7 miles on a 7.2 incline on Lilly, my treadmill. I'm not feeling all that great - sore throat, itchy eyes, tired. No CrossFit for me today...I need to take care of myself before it turns into a REAL problem. So, I'm overdosing on the Wellness Formula, Zinc, and Vit.C - drinking Throat Coat tea, and taking a nap. Sounds fun!! Have a great day people!!! Posted by Picasa


CrossFit Cape Fear & Designs In Fitness said...

Remember.... you can be easily "under-recovered" Miss "I'll run 7+ and then go do CrossFit at mach speed"!!! LOL

Recovery leads to peak performance!!!
Take it easy,

Shari Baby said...

Yea, I know....that's why as much as it kills me to have a "down day" I am taking one anyway. I ran this morning because I wanted to "sweat it out", hopefully I didn't make myself worse!! Thanks for stopping by. take care

Bob Gentile said...

oh I see ur Chillin' I will be back later :-)

Take care,