Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Run with my man

Brendan and I went on a little 4 mile run to Capitola and back. We also ran up the stairs 4 times racing each time. Of course - he won every round...I screamed when I heard him coming up fast behind me ;) I always imagine he's some serial killer chasing me and I'm running for my life! I guess I found out that I would have been caught, raped and murdered - because I LOST!! We had a great run/workout and headed home to do some core exercises : L-sits, ab mat sit ups, and 1 minute planks . Check out Brendan's blog to see him running up the stairs...he kicked ass! we're going to do it again, except he will be wearing the 20 pound weighted vest i bought him for Christmas the whole way. He's sick and i love it!!! Posted by Picasa


Jen said...

Shari, Glad you had a good Holiday. It's nice to workout with the one you love.
We had a fun day as well with family and friends. The best part was that I got a ride in the night before since it was so warm. Lots of CF stuff going on this month. Wish us well!

Shari Baby said...

So hapy you got to ride....nice weather huh ? It's been storming here but today it's sunny so maybe I'll get to run later. What CF stuff are you up to girl ? Always well wishes - I'll stop by your site to see what your doing....