Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with family....

My Sarah, Lindsay & Imara, me, Brandon, Lisa & Jackson, Stephanie and Hailey in front the family Christmas party in San Jose. I have a huge family and they are all amazing. We've been through SO MUCH as a family and it's only made us closer. My cousins are all my best friends and I remain close to them all. It's weird because Brendan doesn't have a large family - most peoples families aren't as large or as close as mine is - and I forget that we may seem weird to others. Brendan fits right in and they all LOVE him. My dad always steals Brendan away from me when we walk in the door. They talk about football, working out, when I was little - you name it. It's nice to see them getting along and actually having things in common. I think its because they are both mens men....:)
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