Monday, December 31, 2007

Family Workout....

Another thing I am recommitting to this year is more family workouts with my children. My son loves to CrossFit anyway, and he moves really good! He had handstand pushups, a 12 second handstand hold, can do pullups, squats perfectly, runs like a dream, and learned how to clean. I guess he takes after me :) Yesterday we went to NSC to do a workout mid day to get moving....

40 kettlebell swings
80 situps
250 m row
30 kb
60 sit ups
500 meter row
20 kb
40 sit ups
750 meter row
10 kb
20 sit ups
1000 meter row.

I cut the reps down for the kids but they did the whole workout....That's my son in the sit up and his friend Jacob in a kb swing and me being in a kb swing also. My big man in the back ground getting ready for the workout.....We had fun and the boys put on gloves and sparred for a while after the workout too. We also practiced some gymnastic moves like skin the cat, front levers, and handstands. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30 I teach a kids class at NSC - my son and his friend have committed to taking the classes.....we'll see :)
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