Monday, November 26, 2007

Shakespere Santa Cruz

Here's Brandon on the Shakespere stage in SC. We went with his class to see The Princess and the Pea and got a backstage tour as well. We had a blast hanging out all day and goofing off. Brendan and I went to see the play "The Tempst" this past summer and the stage in this pic was where it was held in the evening. The redwood trees make a circle and all the chairs were inside the circle....there was little white lights everywhere and we snacked on cheese, crackers and wine while we watched the play. It was very romantic and an awesome night. I've never done that before. I have been doing a lot of new things with Brendan that I have never done before - not even with the husband that i was married 13 years to. Weird .....but so wonderful!!
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Mr. Mirek said...

very cool for an english teacher to see shakespeare performed in a beautiful environment like that. i'll have to get out there sometime to do that. keep crossfit going! when i'm out there for shakespeare, i'll definitely drop in to have my butt kicked by y'all at crossfit north santa cruz.

Shari Baby said...

Mr. Mirek,
English teacher ? You definitely have to come see Shakespere SC then. They're gresat plays! And do check out Xfit NSC also....we'll be ready :)