Monday, June 18, 2007

Tank Girl photoshoot

This is a pic from my 'Tank Girl' photo shoot I did a while back with Kelly Richardson from Strange Angel Studios. I loved getting dressed up like a human doll and being a different person for the day - my strong, confident self. Today is the photo shoot for individual pictures for the Santa Cruz Rollergirls roller derby team. Yes, you read it right - I have added Roller Derby to my long list of athletic activities. I LOVE DERBY!!! A few years back my ex husbands friend joined the SF derby team and we would go watch them. I fell in love with it and wanted to join the team badly! But commuting all the way to SF a few times a week was too much for me. When I heard SC ws starting a team I was all over it! And excited! I know a lot of the girls on the team already, and the others I will become great friends with also - they are all so cool! Anyway, my derby name was Anita Spankin - but there was a girl with a similar name in TX, so I had to change it to ------ta da da da....Anita Ana-Stesia. Yup - today i will be taking photos in a nurse outfit but looking bad ass with my skates and gear on....seringe in hand!!! Look for us on Photos and all sorts of info is posted there.
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Jen said...

S, That's so cool! I've always wanted to do the Roller derby thing. After years of playing of hockey and Roller hockey I've had a few too many head injuries, doctors say I should stay away from contact sports. You see.. I'm crazy when I'm in these games! LOL, it's all or nothing. DC has a team so I can't wait to go see them. It all makes me miss hockey! That's how Diane and I met, playing hockey...oh how romantic!LOL
By the way what is your "Fran" time? You and I are around the same age so I'm just getting an idea of times to go for. I just did it for the first time with the 65lbs...whew that's was hard! It took me 13:55. I think the biggest disadvantage was that I was alone when I did cheering!
Be well! Say hey to Big B for me! You both are doing great in these videos on CF main site!

Shari Baby said...

My fastest Fran was 5:53 in Colorado - here at HQ I did it in 6:40 something or a little less than that with legit weight - 65 pounds. You know it's hard!!! You did great - now you can shoot to get faster!! :)Thanks for the kudos...I'll tell B

metric said...

There's been some items in the papers here about the resurgence of roller derby with some local teams starting up. I'll have to go along and see what all the fuss is about.

Shari Baby said...

where do you live ?'s pretty much sweeping the

metric said...

Sorry, should have said.
Craig Massey
Auckland, New Zealand.

Shari Baby said...

WOW! derby's big in New Zealand ??? COOL!! Keep an eye on us okay ?

Shari Baby said...

Correction - my Fran time is 6:53 with 65 pound legit weight here at HQ

In Your Element said...

Hi Shari,
Welcome back! Good to see you back blogging! I am still Zoning and CrossFitt'ing - I am actually about to become part of the CrossFit Sydney team! Stoked! Is Brendan going to start posting back at his blog? Tell him I miss his challenges! BTW - his box jump on the WOD video is very impressive (F*cking massive) to say the least!