Monday, June 25, 2007

The Burgeners

Sage Burgener, Coach Burgener, me, Brendan, Cody Burgener, and Eva T at the cert in San Diego. So sweet to learn from these people. Not to mention that i am spoiled every day because I get the learn from Brendan and Eva T also!!! I strive to be a bad-ass O lifter like Sage and Eva ( I'm sure Coach would tell me to gain weight first). No can do - I'm in marathon training season. I have 2 marathons coming up and am working speed - speed- speed! That will also carry over to derby I'm sure!!
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Mr. Mirek said...

I'm training for two marathons also...which ones are you headed for? I'm a Midwest guy, so it's Chicago and Grand Rapids for me. It's good to see another marathoner using are much further along than I am though. Good Luck!