Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nike Women's Marathon San Francisco 2007

My cousin Michele and I ran the Women's Marathon today in San Francisco. This is a pic taken Saturday at the check in Expo at Union Square. There's a wall there where you can write down the names of the people who either suffered from or are fighting cancer. We were asked to run in honor of our Aunt Judy who lost her battle to breast cancer. October is breast cancer awareness month - so what a better time to honor another woman who showed strength. This marathon was hosted by Team In Training and I think all the women who ran raised over 18 million for cancer research. How incredible!!! I'm pointing to what I wtote on the wall. It says..." I'm running for Aunt Judy. We love you. Shari & Michele." Turns out I ended up running in honor of many people - my friend Debbie who lost a breast to cancer, my grandfather who lost his life to aunt Donna and Uncle Dave, Aunt Judy, Lupe, my friend Suzanne Mancebo, my sons teacher Michelle Stewart who survived breast cancer.....and my cousin who just found a lump. I'm also facing the fact that I may have mouth's very powerful to run for others because they can't. Some lost their battles but will never be forgotten. Others are still in the fight, some have just started....we are all connected as humans who need eachother. Thanks for the inspiration.........
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