Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunny Perfect Weekend in SC!!

It was a perfect weekend in SC....I have been sooo busy with a lot going on in my life...soo many great things I have to catch up! I have been traveling for CrossFit Endurance - went to Toronto Canada to see Mark Gleason and Jeff where I was in charge of giving the nutrition lecture for the first time. It went great and people asked a lot of questions. I was a little nervous, but thanks to Carl and Mark and Jeff by the time I was actually in Canada I wasn't nervous at all! I had a blast with Carl and getting to hang out with him - we are just like brother and sister it's crazy. Canada was gorgeous and the people there were very warm and welcoming. Mark drove us around and took us to breakfast and dinner even though there was a crazy storm that lit up the skies. Crazy weather there - its sunny and hot then around 6pm the storm comes out and shit starts falling off the buildings because of the wind. By the time we got out of the restaurant, it was beautiful again.

I took Tuckers gymnastics cert a few weekends ago and I learned a ton! Thanks to Tucker for being such an amazing coach...Im planning on invading him in Texas for some one on one coaching sometime.

These are pictures from the beautiful day in SC today. JEALOUS???

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