Sunday, March 21, 2010

CrossFit Endurance Cert

I was fortunate enough to be an assistant coach at Diablo CrossFit for the Endurance Cert a few weeks back. I LOVE these guys!! It has been a while since I last saw Craig and all the wonderful trainers from that box, but as soon as I walked in everybody greeted me with open arms and warm attitudes. They all made tremendous improvement in their running technique and form and I loved coaching them in the drills. It was my first time doing a cert with Mark and the first time meeting Tim who is an intern for Xfit E but a helluva intelligent man when it comes to the body and running - hes a level 3 POSE coach. Enough said about Tim. I was most excited when Brendan Mahoney, CrossFit Endurance San Francisco and the world record holder for Helen, came by to help out with Sundays drills and lectures. I admire this man and am inspired by his speed .....just a crazy talented athlete and I probed his brain at lunch time about programming and race training. It was just great getting to hang out with him and learn from him. I look forward to hanging out at certs and coaching with him soon.

It was a great weekend and I drove home thinking how blessed I am to be surrounded by the best of the best and learn from them as well as pass on what I have learned to others. The best part was when Mark was explaining what we as runners strive for as far as form goes and said he would record me running as an example of near perfect form for attendees to see fpr comparison. I was extremely flattered that Mark said that about me. He recorded me running and everybody else reviewed it and although I have a lot to continue to learn, I have come a long way.

Thanks Diablo CrossFit for hosting us and I look forward to coming back to train with you sometime...maybe even go for a run!!!

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