Saturday, March 14, 2009

I have had an amazing couple of months at CrossFit and Endurance training. I've hit PR after PR at pretty much everything I attempt and I am stoked!!! Helen, Michael, Fran, 5ktt, 10k tt, 1 mile tt to name a few. I still have a long way to go - but at least I am on the right track. There has been so much happening for me, some amazing - some not so great, that all I can do is hang on and roll with it :) Starting your own business is a little scary and a whole lot exciting. I'll reveal the name soon - Im just waiting on the state of California to approve it and give me the go ahead, should be within a week or 2. 

So - here's some pics of me (there ya go guys - now you can stop emailing me) and yes I like to walk around the house in heels and panties - I always have. Especially when it's just me in the house these days....I cook like this too :) stupid I know, but I don't give a fuck. 

get out there and train hard and never stop. There aren't many things in this world that wre have control over. We can't control what happens to us - but we CAN control how we respond to it and we CAN control how we treat our bodies. When life gets crazy for me and things spin out of my comfort zone I tend to tighten up my trainng and my running.....simply because i CAN control that aspect of my life. My diet as well....I have control of what I decide to eat - nobody else can screw that up for me. Nobody can screw with my training either. I've been thrown under the bus quite a lot as of late - so that saying rings true to me.."That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger!!" So fuck all of you who try to hold me down and hurt me....I am thriving. I have gotten stronger, better, and when you knock me down - I stand stronger than I was before!! 


Ruud said...

Wow... looking great. I admire you for the ability to keep going and train hard through bad times.
While my own conditioning goes down the drain as soon as a little stress enters my life.

Keep going!

Gio said...

Great post. Great fortune only comes when we dare to endure what is thrown at us to break us spiritually and once we hold fast a lot is gained in inner strength that no one can ever take away from you no matter what.

Best to you in your new biz.


Andrew said...

Your post is so true. Thanks.

Thanks for the photos too! J.T. time for me.

Ultra Okie said...

you look amazing Shari and your attitude rocks. I am sure you will be successful at anything you attempt.
aka UltraOkie

Foriatiar said...

great photos! good luck with the new business. Sure it will be a success even in this bad economy since you're a winner.

Shari Baby said...

Hey guys....thank you so much for the sweet comments. The support for my new venture has been amazing - I will definitely post it when its up and running so you all can see what Im up to :)

That which doesn"t kill me - makes me stronger.....geesh I think ive got to be the strongest woman I know then. :)

Glorybelle said...

Can't wait to hear about your new business! I might have to make a trip to SC to be a customer. I'm sure it'll be a success. :-)

I love how you finished this blog post, Shari!
"So fuck all of you who try to hold me down and hurt me...I am thriving." YEA YOU ARE!!! Awesome!