Sunday, January 17, 2010

Half Marathon Training Starts Tomorrow.....

So far 2010 has been full of PRs for me. I took 5 minutes off my old Dianne time, and 40 seconds of my Grace time. I also PRd in my 5 rep backsquat. I'm excited to continue getting faster and stronger. I've decided to register for the Santa Cruz Half Marathon in April, again, and to hit a pr there as well. I haven't really been running with any purpose, I've just been running because I love to! After getting my ass kicked on the track last weekend with Chris, I realized I need to hit the track way more often and get serious about my running. No more run just to run. I hit the track last Thursday at 8am and did a 200+400+600+800 x3 rounds. Warmed up for 1 mile, did stride straights, and build ups....then hit the workout. I managed to negative split my times, and walked off the track feeling accomplished and better about my training.

I feel really good about putting as much time and effort into my running as I do my CrossFit workouts. I'm excited to kick off training for some spring races.

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