Sunday, January 24, 2010

After the Storm....

Santa Cruz has been getting pelted with a pretty bad storm for the past week. I happen to LOVE stormy weather - even more than sunny weather so I was enjoying the lightning and thunder and gloomy days. They say "relax" to me....and for anybody who knows me, that's something I hardly get a chance to do! One of the best treats after a storm where the ocean swallows up the roads and the beach disappears , is all the driftwood that covers all the shores after the water resides. Yesterday was a sunny day so my son and I went beach hopping. We hung out on Blacks Beach and had a blast with our imaginations. We were there so long we got to watch the sunset. Watching Brandon run around and enjoy the calm on the beach made me smile from the inside. I happily gathered all the wood in the right sizes for him so he could build what was in his head....we made a teeter totter, a sledge hammer (which he dead lifted and flipped like a tire flip quite a distance on his own and it was HEAVY--yea functional movement CROSSFIT!) and the beginning of a boat or a shelter.

I need to mention that my Saturday started off the BEST way possible....I got to workout with my favorite best friend Chris and my son Brandon. We attacked Fran at 8am and we all PR'd!! Knowing Brandon was next to me just hammering the thrusters and getting his chin over the bar on his pullups made me push even harder. I want my son to look at me in pride and say "that's MY mom!" I want to set the example for him. I want him to view me as a capable, independent, strong woman who smashes the word "can't". I think I am succeeding :)

So as you can see my Saturday was off the charts awesome for me. Intense workout with my boys, playing on the beach all afternoon with my son, and watching the sunset over the water. Incredible.

Today I continue kicking off my half marathon training. It used to be so easy for me hen I was younger and competed all the time and ran distance every day. Now that I am older I have to train my body again to be on my feet that long. We know CrossFit isn't an endurance sport so I am way stronger, but my endurance is lacking. Time to get it back!! I'm running a 10k time trial and I can't wait. I'm just a little sore from Fran, but i'm sure running will work all the kinks out of my muscles.

Enjoy your day and breathe life in. Can't wait to play on the beach again today---hopefully my Sarah will come too then life will be even that much more perfect :)