Tuesday, February 02, 2010

2010 Is Starting Out Right!

I hope all of you have written out some goals to keep you motivated for the new year. As always I assess my life and where I'm at and take a look at where I want to go in the new year. The first on my list, of course, was to get some PR's and work on strength and gain some speed going into the race season. Chris and I decided we'd tackle a storm a week and hit the track as well. It started out tough and seeing where my base is on the track was a little disappointing I must say - but we all have a starting point right? Heres what I did in January - not a bad start to the new year!!

Dianne old time: 16:56 new time: 10:55!!
Grace old time: 8:23 new time: 5:31!!!
Fran old time: 6:05 new time 5:10!!!
Elizabeth old time: 11:22 new time 8:57!!!

10k old time: 46:?? new time: 37:42
5k old time 18:33 ***still chasing that!!!

Clean old PR 117 New PR 130!!
Pullups old 40 New 43 ** could got 50 for sure!! I just stopped after a new number was got.

There are more but Ihave to head to CrossFit.....I know these numbers are not ll that fantastic to the Elite or the stronger women out there......but keep in mind I weigh 105 pounds!! Some of those rxd weights are tougher for me than a woman weighing 135!! I'm excited and can't wait to see what else I can do!!


Andrew said...

Good job on the PRs. Make a resolution to keep the blog up also. Really enjoy it. Thanks

Jenny said...

You are a fantastic athlete and I can´t wait to train with you!!!