Thursday, May 17, 2007

CrossFit fun night in Colorado

Saturday evening after the seminar we all went out to this super cool HUGE arcade to play games and have dinner and some drinks with all the trainers and coach of course. This is Nicole (one of my heros), me, Brendan (my number one hero), and Dave. I always love hanging out with CrossFitters because they are into being healthy, and living active lives....they are inspiring to me -I feel like I become a better person after having spent some time with them. I learn tons about training, and the closeness of the community is unlike any other I have witnessed. I belonged to a church for 14 years, and have not seen some of the relationship dynamics that we have in the CrossFit family. I feel lucky to be among the CrossFit family and even luckier to be surrounded by the best at headquarters here in Santa Cruz....

Life is GREAT!!!

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