Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brendan's Suprise Birthday Party -

My awesome man turned 30 on Tuesday the 15th. I planned a suprise party for him at Sestri restaurant - our favorite place. The kids and I had him blind folded and drove very erratically in and out of parking lots to confuse his direction. When we walked in the doors, I took off the blind fold and everybody yelled "suprise!! and popped the party poppers at him. He was shocked!! Just what we wanted. His friends and mom and dad were there. This is a pic of our friends Jeff and Delane...we do a lot of thigs with this couple ;) it was great having dinner with them. Sestri's owner is an advid CrossFitter and he set us up...we had salmon, chicken, salads, grilled vegetables, the works! I got a chocolate ganache 6 layer cake from the Buttery filled with strawberries and cream....I swear it weighed 30 pounds this cake. It was YUMMY!!! I call Brendan my Superman - and try to get him Superman things whenever I can...his Easyter basket was Superman....anyway, i got him a HUGE Superman balloon for the cake table at the party ......his body looks better than Superman !!! My present to him was a 90 minute body massage.....he loved every minute of turning 30 and he told me he had never had a suprise party thrown for him. I hope it made him feel as special as he is to me :)


Jonny Ringo said...

Hey Shari-
You haven't been posting much lately. I've been missing your blog. :-) I hope you're doing well. Talk to you later.

Shari Baby said...

my computer is shit...but I am getting it fixed this weekend so I will be able to post pics again and not wait forever for the downloading.....thanks for missing me ;)check back....

OCRunnerGirl said...

Hey Shari -
You've been tagged!
See for the details. Where have you been?!?!?!

GB said...

Shari, I just watched Brendan in the video of the day and oh my goodness, the SHAPE that he is in is absolutely incredible! I dream of having an 1/8 of his strength. Wow! Can you pass on the message that he ROCKS. And so do you! I saw you doing the workout in the back ground. You are both inspiring!