Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bad-Ass Little B

Okay - so to make all of you feel even weak I have to brag about my 10 year old son. Here he is doing handstand push ups off the P bars. He got 3 in before coming down. I am SUPER proud of him and his determination at CrossFit. He's been wokring out with me 2-3 days a week and he pushes himself every time. This was his first day of getting upside down and attempting the HSPU, and he did it!!! Way to go Brandon!!!
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metric said...

You seem to have stunned all the regular watchers of your blog into silence this time Shari. :-)

Way to go Brandon.
You've got 33 year head start on me with Crossfit mate. I wish I'd started when I was your age.

Shari Baby said...

Thanks for the comment...yea, he's doing great and definitely has a big head start ! He'll be doing the big Olympic lifts in no time.....there are trainers children starting at age 3 who overhead squat though.....there is competition out there! Take care