Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tattoo Photo Gallery

My cousin Jeff, me, my bro and my son Brandon a couple weekends ago. We went to the Polynesian Festival on the wharf, then hit up the tattoo expo at Michaelangelo's Gallery off Hwy 9. I freaked out when I saw a huge poster of me and the kids dad, Randy on the wall. Trippy. It sorta made me a little sad to see the two of us up there, and where we are now. Time changes things - you never know what will happen to you in your life, or how you will grow and change. What is happening right now could be 100 percent different in a year. Ponder this thought....
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Ultra Okie said...

Hey Shari, If you look closely at this pic it looks like your brother is getting a tat on top of his head! Too cool.