Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beautiful Weekend Weather!

A couple weeks back was the hottest Santa Cruz has been. Brendan and I enjoyed the weekend outdoors riding bikes and we didn't drive at all!

Saturday morning I started my day off with the Santa Cruz Half Marathon. I made the mistake of lining up too far back and when I crossed the starting line found myself still WALKING! It took me at least 4-5 minutes until I could find some sort of pace. All this did was stress me out and make me run faster than I should have to try and "catch up"...by mile 10 my legs felt like weights. I pressed on, but I have never been so sore during a race muscularly ever! I dunno what happened, but I didn't like it. I finished in 1:45 and I was shooting for 1:38. I laid on the beach at the finish line and was disappointed with myself - soaking up the sun. Then I switched it around and said, hey - at least I am back running without pain!! The next race I will do better - and the next even better....I will continue to push, train hard and I will meet my next goal time. Lesson learned - line up in front! Walkers and slow people - please stay to the back of the pack....its frusterating for us who want to run fast to try and weave through you...:) This is a pic of me and my sweet friend Delane. We hooked up Sunday and rode all over town with her man and my man. We look hot together! My lil rockabilly chick. She's now CrossFitting with Brendan and I as their coach and we have taken them on as "Project Wells"....they're still real sore, but they keep coming back for more! They drank the Kool-Aid - I think they like it!!

Here's my weeks workouts - see if you can keep up!!

Monday 4-7:
row db clean thruster ring pushups
250 25 5
500 20 10
250 15 15
500 10 20
250 5 25
I did it in 29:35 with 25#db....hard!!

Tuesday 4-8:
am: run 6 miles strict POSE form
pm: Xfit snatch practice/technique

Wednesday 4-9:
am: CrossFit
run 800 meters (perform 10 pushups at every 200 meters for a total of 50 pushups) 75 hang power cleans at 55#, run 800 meters (with 50 pushups total) time: 16:10!!
pm: Tabata treadmill 12%grade, 9.0 mph 20 sec on, 10 sec off x8 rounds

Thursday 4-10:
am: Snatch practice - got up to 65#
pm: Run 4 miles

Friday 4-11:
am: CrossFit
6-6-6-6-6-6 shoulder press
6-6-6-6-6-6 push press
6-6-6-6-6-6 push jerk
superset add weight after each round. Started with 45, got up to 80#

pm: run 3.0 miles with friend, rest day

Saturday 4-12:
Santa Cruz Half Marathon Race

Sunday 4-13:
am: 2x5k between 19:00-20:30

1st 5k: 21:20
2nd 5k: 20:03
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Laurie said...

Hi Shari,
I read your blog often, and find that you are really motivating for me. (In lots of aspects, not just physical, but spiritually as well) I am going to try a couple of the wods you posted here in addition to the wods we have on schedule this week. I own a new CrossFit Affiliate (Sonz Buford) and I am finding that since I am alone in the middle of the day when I workout I have a hard time pushing myself as hard as I do when I am with others. Do you do most of your workouts with a partner or small group or all by yourself? If you are by yourself, do you do anything in particular to push yourself? I am competitive with myself to some extent, but I feel like I need to push myself harder. :)

Congrats on the Half Marathon, even if your time was not where you wanted it to be, you did great!! :)


Shari Baby said...

Hi Laurie! Thanks for stopping by. I do all my running training sessions alone, unless I am running with a client for their benefit - otherwise I run alone and manage to push myself as hard as I can for that one workout and that one day. When I do a xfit workout I try to train with Brendan when his schedule allows, otherwise I sneak in a class or just go at it alone. It is different to be alone and you really have to muster up the energu to push hard. You can do it girl!! Stay focused on your goals, push as hard as you can for that one workout and look to always improve...
Thanks for your sweet words.
Take care