Friday, July 18, 2008

Starting a new hobby

Starting a new hobby is important. We should always try out new things even if they don't sound like we'd have fun doing them. My son decided he wanted to try out archery...turns out there's a archeryrange right around the corner from the gym. Go figure! So he and I went one day to give it at try - I'll admit I wasn't super stoked to shoot nor have I ever given it a thought. But once I was there - I kept an open mind and tried it anyway. I LOVED IT! It's harder than it looks to hit that dam target..let alone to get a bullseye! I managed to get only 1 and Brandon got one also. Since the first try he dcided it was something he wanted to do more ofetn so we bought him his own bow & arrow set. Now he can practise whenever he wants to...he's gtting pretty good too :)

Get out there and try something new today!
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Auggie's mom said...

Yaaay cuzn, you're blogging again! 'Bout time! It was awesome seeing you last weekend. Post the damn pics already! :)

Love you!

gloria jean said...

Shari Baby the hottie chick... is there ANYTHING that you can't do? Now you're slingin' arrows, too? You are one impressive gal!

Shari Baby said...

It was super cool to hang with you last week! I shoulda grew a set of balls and sang some Kareoke for you and all your motorcycle friends!! Hope to hang ya!

Shari Baby said...

Gloria Jean,
Awww...thanks! Your sweet.....I tell ya slingin' arrows makes you feel pretty powerful! Like Lara Croft! :) Thanks for stoppin by