Friday, July 18, 2008

8th Grade Graduate!! I've been MIA again for a long time! Sorry bout gets busy around here.

Both of my children had big graduations this year. My son from elementary school and my daughter from jr. high. I can't believe I'll have a 8th grade son and a daughter in high school come fall. I don't FEEL old! LOL.....Here's a proud pic of me with my son after graduation. He's so amazing! I couldn't be more proud to call him my son. Way to go Little B!!!
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mrsmommyb said...

you have absolutely nothing to feel old about, shari! you're in better shape (in many ways) than a lot of gals even my age--26!!!

congrats to the "little" darlings. haha! i can't imagine how fast the years flew by--it's only been 11 months and i feel like the time flew by so quick with kaela!

glad to see you back. hope all is well. btw...zoning is on hiatus with me. boo. but i was wondering what your take was on grass-fed vs. regular organic at Trader's. how big is the difference and is it significant enough to try grass-fed and pay the $$. in addition to that, do you think shopping at whole foods or Trader's is that much more expensive than the norms like Safeway.

aka mrsmommyb =]

Shari Baby said...

Hey Sakura! Nice to hear from you....I'm trying to keep the posts up. At the Games zI had a few people come up to me and ask why I haven't because it was requested i will TRY to keep it up!

I usually buy at Trader Joes...Brendan likes the grass fed milk and I get that at New Leaf. Veggies and fruit I try to buy from the local farmers market when I can. I'd say buy within your budget - the organic stuff can be really expensive so I buy most at Trader Joes, then a little at New Leaf/Farmers. Get back to the Zone'll be so glad you did! Talk to you soon!

mrsmommyb said...

Thanks! I had a dream last night about Zoning...sooo weird. But it's just as well because I can see the carbs getting to my body. It's horrible. Haha! Ew.

DIF - CrossFit Cape Fear said...

CONGRATULATIONS on all the graduations!!

We've missed you. That isn't old - that's awesome... not only in how your children are growing up, maturing and become young adults - but in your role as a parent and mentor! As well as just a kick a$$ trainer and athlete!

Going to Wilmington's CF POSE cert in November! WooHooo - only after doing my first half-marathon since 1998!!

GB said...

Great to see your new posts, Shari. Congratulations to your kids for their graduations. How exciting!!!
You look beautiful as always and I hope all is well with you. :)