Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday Workout...

Chris came over early Sunday morning to run with me. He always gets me to do the workouts that I probably wouldn't do on my own, or I'd for sure procrastinate about. Here's what he decided we'd do:

3x 1 mile repeats.....

There's a legit mile marked in front of my house along the Wharf to Wharf race we used that as our marker.
1 mile jog warm up
mile 1 : 6:28
1 mile walk/jog back to start
mile 2: 6:15
1 mile walk/jog back to start
mile 3 : 6:10
1 mile walk/jog back to start
total 7 miles speed work.

Mind you - there are a few hills on this course, and lots of turns and inclines. So Chris said on the track Id be about a 5:57, which is where I was trying to get back to! These are also PRs for me---last mile repeats I did on the track were 6:27, 6:23, 6:22.!!

Getting faster and I felt great. I was a little worried before we began because my right hip has been acting up and as long as I dont get lazy and keep my POSE perfect I float so it's alright.

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