Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Before POSE

What do you see in this picture with my form ? Can you even pick up on the wrongs here ? For years I have been competing at races from 10 k's to marathons and I was even concidered FAST - best marathon time is 3:22....but I guess that's just my point. After so many years of doing it WRONG my body had no choice but to rebel - I've been down for 1.5 years with pain unable to run let alone compete. Don't get me wrong - I would run anyway - hell if I didn't I don't think anybody would want to be around me I'd be so grumpy! But it was with major penelty that i ran - pain and limping, etc until I did it to myself the next time. Retarded I know.....This is where Brian MacKenzie cameinto my life, changed it and made me whole again - I'm able ro run like a pro once more with ZERO pain....!!!!

What's wrong here ----

Lead leg is basically straight, heel striking, way out in front of my center of mass(hips), I'm actually bent at the hip leaning back, back leg is way out in back of my body and I am pushing off the ground. VERY POOR FORM!!!

I'll post my after picture in a minute so you can see the improvement....
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GB said...

That 'old' form actually looks like it hurts. I'm glad you're feeling better with the POSE method. Can't wait to see how it improves your racing! I wish you were running Boston this year.

I wanted to tell ya' that I got a new PR in the half marathon on Sunday... ran it in 1:29. I'm shocked. Imagine if I used POSE faithfully!

Shari Baby said...

YES....but I didn't hurt while running at all.....crazy huh ? Just like everything - we ned to larn form. GREAT job on your PR girl!! Fast as lightning! How's the CrossFit coming along ? Do you have PR's there also ? Pullups......dips.....lemme know where your gains are there also....:)