Wednesday, March 05, 2008

He got it from his mamma.....

That's my boy on the left and his friend Jacob learning the front squat. Perfect rack position!! They are becoming good little athletes.....I gave them a quickie workout yesterday.....15 front squats.....20 wall ball......x3 rounds. Then 1 minute hand stand holds. If you come down, get back up and complete the minute. Jacob has handstand pushups, and Brandon can hold it for almost 25 seconds before he comes down.

My children are the reason I get up every morning, and move through life - hopefully bettering myself day by day. Brandon has been my strength at times when I felt weak. I thank God for his sweet demeanor......always there to give me a hug. No matter what frame of mind I am in, or what I'm thinking about he always makes me feel better and gets me to laugh or at least smile. That's a gift from God! Sarah is so amazing!! She is the peace maker and has a soft heart for people. All her friends look to her for advice and they know they can always count on her even keeled perspective on life. I learn from her daily how to let things lighten up and to not be so serious. I am the luckiest most blessed mother in history because I have the sweetest kindest children. :) Today my home work from my life coach was to visualize me holding my babies. Feel the love that I was overwhelmed with when I looked at their tiny bodies in my arms. See their perfection. See their beauty and their worthiness to be. The next step is between me and my coach......but it's easy to fill your soul with complete perfect love when you look at your babies :)

Thought for the day......." All he does is represent the doubt that is within you. Be confident in who YOU are, never loose sight of your purpose because of somebody else's stuff....." Abraham
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