Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back Squat Sunday

I have been following the main site WODs but today what was posted wasn't what I needed (sorry) so I opted for some back squats. Ended up doing 3x5 at 155#. I want to do back squats, deadlifts and presses every week , along with the main site 3days on, 1 day off and CrossFit Endurance 3 days a week. Doing split days allows me to hit each session with all that I have. I started eating Paleo last month (Jan 29th) before the Alamo cert in Texas. After talking with Bmack, Carl, Rob Wolf and all the reading and researching I have done it just makes more sense to me. A Paleo/Zone diet of 12 blocks and 3x the fat has been working for me. Lost a little strength for whatever reason, I suspect the change of no dairy no grains might have affected me after all the sprint workouts I do. So, upping my fat blocks seems to have taken care of that. I go through an entire jar of almond butter every couple days - I hope that's okay? ;)

Sunday am:
3x5 Back squats

Sunday mid afternoon:
CrossFit Endurance:
5 minutes on/5 minutes off
4 minutes on/4 minutes off
3 minutes on/3 minutes off
2 minutes on/2 minutes off
1 minute on/1 minute off
*done on my treadmill because of the crazy rain falling outside. Ive run 3 days in the pouring rain, and was over it! 3% grade - 1 mile warm up. 3 sets of skills and drills. Covered 2.80 miles for the workout + warm up and cool down =4.80 miles.

Weighed in at 102 pounds this morning, fresh outta bed, naked. Down 3 pounds, so time to up that fat :) almond butter here I come!!! 

Now get out there and train.


CrossFit Cape Fear said...

john here in Fayetteville.

Good to see ya posting. You doing okay??

Nice work today!

Tom Davies said...
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BuddhaB said...

My partner and I added 3x5 squats and deadlifts twice a week to our regular Crossfit program. We have made great improvement in both our over all strength and WOD's

I look forward to seeing how your change of diet effects your results. Keep up the great posts.

Allison Carver said...

Hello Shari,
Born and reaised in SC, but in Sacramento Ca now. I have been following your blog for a couple months now...great site with lots of great info. You are an awesome role model. I have been wanting to start the paleo diet but don't know how I would live without my half/half for my coffee. I naturally follow low carb/ high fat, pro diet now. Did you have anything you loved that you had to give up and how are you dealing with that? I am going to Robb's Cert in April hoping that will give me the push I need. But any helpful tips would be wonderful!=)
If you are ever in Sacramento look us up!
~Allison Carver
CrossFit Centurion

Shari Baby said...


You know what ? It wasn't that hard at all. I am not a huge milk drinker and cheese wasn"t that hard to give up. I did Paleo for 6 weeks, then I went back to Zone to compare the two for ME. I sorta have a mix of the two. I have cottage cheese in the morning (Zoned of course) then no more dairy for the rest of the day. And I stay away from grains. Cheat day I have whatever I want. I had pancakes on Thursday and my eyes swelled up, turned red and ichy and I suffered asthma attacks all day. Proof that it affects me! Give it a try and see how it works for you. You'll never know unless you try.

Allison Carver said...

Thanks for the advice! I know I have issues with grains so I have to completely stay away from them all the time. So I know my body would probably love me doing paleo. You are right I just need to kick my own ass and DO IT! Thanks!