Friday, October 03, 2008

From "CrossFit Fire" website.....

"Bill and I had the pleasure of attending a CrossFit Running & Endurance Certification over the weekend. The certification covered the basics of running using the "Pose" method. CrossFit Chicago hosted the cert, and it was an absolute blast! Brian MacKenzie, Carl Borg and Shari Keener were all there to instruct, critique, coach and push us when our bodies were aching. In their defense, Carl DID warn us that we would be VERY sore. I honestly had no idea I had such bad running form until this weekend. I always knew running was my kryptonite, but at least now I know how to make it better. Here is a summary of what I learned this weekend:
  1. Running is WAY more complicated than just putting on a cute outfit, tying your shoes and hitting the street
  2. With enough skills & drills even the worst runner (me) can improve their technique
  3. Slow motion running videos are almost as unflattering as slow motion jump rope videos, but not quite
  4. I have muscles in my legs/feet that I didn't even know existed
  5. The muscles I didn't know existed are sissies, and need to be worked more often
  6. All your beautiful new running form will turn into a painful limp the Monday after a running certification
  7. Shari Keener is the hottest CrossFitting woman on the planet!

To explain #7...has anyone seen a woman with about 6% body fat? I haven't until this weekend. We can add Shari's pictures to the list of pictures to show women when they talk about being afraid of "bulking up" from CrossFitting.

CrossFit Running Certification

Oh my GOD...I love this girl....not only is she funny as all HELL, but her energy is through the roof to say the least! I enjoyed meeting everybody - especially HER!!


Jennifer said...

Ok, I'm totally blushing. :-) It was GREAT to meet you Shari! Holy cow do I look like a giant standing next to you. :-) Thanks for all your great advice and coaching. You're a total inspiration!

Shari Baby said...


You look nice glutes! It was great to meet you girl. Lets stay in touch. Wish we would have gone out on the town while I was there. But the boys had a different adgenda...theres always a next time! Take care....

The Writer said...

I have to agree--you're definitely the hottest CrossFitting woman on the planet!! Beautiful inside and out!