Friday, October 03, 2008

Ian Chambers

This is another amazing client - Ian Chambers. He is a chiropractor at healing Waves in Santa Cruz and I had the chance to see him last week for an adjustment and let me say - it was probably the BEST I have ever had! He uses a very gently approach unlike any other chiro I have gone to in the past - which was refreshing. After leaving his office I felt more centered, like my body was actually in alignment for the first time. He used electrodes to test each vertabrae for muscle tightness and seems that every single muscle in my back was lit up! I know I have major problems with my c5 (upper neck area) and this just confirmed it. Anyway he's amazing - go see him! As far as training him - I love it! He pushes really hard every session and always moves well. Dream client to say the least!! More about Ian soon. Plus he's a runner so he already has a special place in my heart because of that!!

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