Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beach Day for Shari!!!

Finally - a beautiful sunny, hot weekend for me to enjoy. I still have work to get done, but I managed to sneak away both days to read at my little beach at the end of my street. I was supposed to have a visitor this weekend, but plans changed - it opened me up to do the Santa Cruz Half Marathon race this morning....which turned out great! Im waiting for the results to get posted because I'm pretty certain I placed in my division. After the race I came home to eat and clean up - and headed back to the beach where I soaked up the rays for a few hours.....we live in the best place !! I got on my cruiser and went for a ride to the point to hang out with some friends and check out the scenery ;) It was a perfect weekend for me - the only thing missing is a man by my side. I know that will come when I least expect it - I spend a lot of my time alone and it used to really make me it seems as though I am used to it. I don't know yet if thats a good thing to get used to or not! My housemate and I are having a BBQ tonight and a lot of friends will be here - Im excited about that and have to hurry to get my work completed so I can fully relax.

I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend as much as I did. Say a prayer for me that I find my king.....I was made to be part of a team - it's my hearts desire. :)

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Andrew said...

Thanks for the update and the pics.