Saturday, August 08, 2009

After Week One

Here are a few pictures after 6 days on the diet. As soon as I find the first pictures we took Ill post them. I started at 107 pounds, and when these were taken I weighed 102 pounds. My coach said that my waist has come down, my legs have tightened up as did my glutes. I can't tell, but if you put the pics side by side I can see more definition all over my body. Hoping the next pictures we take, probably Tuesday will look even more tight. My suit should arrive Tuesday as well..... this is a trip to me :) But it's an experience!!!


Andrew said...

You look great. Good luck.

Christy said...

It's funny, I didn't imagine you could get EVEN TINIER.

Your definition is really coming through. What an adventure in self-control!

Jennie Yundt said...

Wow Shari! You look stunning! are still the hottest CrossFitter on the planet. :-)

The most noticeable difference is in your butt - there's a lot more definition along the sides. Overall you look a lot tighter, and for SURE I can tell the difference! Put the pictures side by side and you'll see what I'm talking about.

You are a beautiful person Shari. Good luck!