Sunday, August 16, 2009

Max Muscle 2009 Muscle Beach Classic

The day started off with Karen coming over and painting my naked body coat #2- Friday night Gary and Karen stayed up until 11pm with paintbrushes and sponges just slathering on the fake tan. I was cracking up because it should have been erotic---a hot guy and a hot girl touching every inch of my body....but it wasn't at all.... :) anyway, that stuff is gnarley to say the least! Thick like shoe polish, and hard as hell to get even. But Karen did it and my tan was set. Headed down to Capitola with my daughter, my son, and Sarahs 2 friends Kiana and Lulu for support. They sat up in the front row to cheer me on. It was a gorgeous day in Capitola and little by little people started to file in. My best friend Chris, my cousin Jeff and clients Tiffany, Jen, Marian, Rachael and Katy were there. Also Mark and Brandon made an appearance. My father and his girlfriends were there as well. And of course my coach Karen was there giving me pointers every step of the way. We went backstage where she did the final touches on my tan and I watched the other girls pump up their muscles. I didnt do that. I just watched and thought what the HELL am I doing here - they are so much more muscular than I am....but I was there for the experience so I went with it.
I decided 2 minutes before I went on stage that I would compete in the Figure category and not just the Bikini Category. Literally 2 minutes before I went on, Karen was teaching me the poses. I was nervous as HELL!! Plus the girl that i was going against has won like every time and has competed often! So...when I went out there all I could see is my kids screaming for me and cheerng and all my friends and clients and family just freaking out for me!! I almost cried just because I felt so loved. I looked at Karen for pointers on what to do and followed what she motioned as best as I could....I WON!!!! I can't believe that I won!!!

Then the winner of the Figure Tall Class came out and we posed and the judges picked ME as Overall Figure!!! 2 TROPHIES!!! I just about cried because i couldnt believe it!!!

There were many highlights for me through this experience that i want to share. First I have to thank Karen. She is truly amazing! What she did to my body in just 2 weeks takes experience, expertise and patience! She was an outstanding coach and I think she should do this for a living for sure!! HUGE thanks to Karen!!! Second, after I won my dad came up to me and through tears he said "I am SO proud of you sis"......that right there melted my heart. My father has never said hes proud of me like that before....ever. He literally couldn't stop crying....that made it all worth it. Then watching my kids see me up there - following through on a goal I made for myself, seeing it through to the end....that was a life lesson that I was teaching them and it was worth every shitty day of those 2 weeks. They were proud to say that I was their mom. Sarah even screamed out when I won "That's my MOM!!!" NOthing is better than that!!! Nothing!! The only thing that made it sad was I didn't have anybody there that was my someone special that could be proud of me. All that hard work and it paid off, but in the end I am still alone . That made me sad.

After it was all over the first thing I did when I got in the door at home was to cut a huge slice of the chocolate cake the kids baked for me and poured a tall glass of cold milk and started to feast!! Man it tasted so good!!

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Tia Vivi said...

Shari you look FanTastic!!! Congratulations on the two wins - Wow, you girl are a WINNER!

Dedication pays off many times over. You're always such an inspiration.

Take care - Vivian