Sunday, August 23, 2009

Always Training....

This summer has been awesome because my son, Brandon, who is 12 decided on his own that he wanted to train CrossFit at least 2 days a week. On his own he gets a ride from his dad o the gym on tu and th while I have a gap of time between clients and he trains HARD! I am very impressed with his commitment and how he listens to my coaching. He even took one of my 5pm classes and trained along side other clients and push pressed 53# for 3 reps. What a stud!! He moves like an angel and does everything I show him correctly - hmmm.....I wonder who he gets THAT from?? Recently I took a video of him doing a WOD that involved tire flipping, dumb bell thrusters at 15#, and ball slams. He's got a set of lungs and more importantly he has drive!! If somethings hard instead of quitting or asking for a lighter eight - he pushes through!! That's MY boy!! Heres a pic of us wearing the t shirts from our friend Marcus out of Hawaii at Life as Rx'd----and me pre contest doing 400 meter walking lunges for time around my neighborhood. Yes, all the neighbors thought I was crazy - but maybe I motivated some to move with more intensity instead of just walking the dog in circles. Get out there and MOVE today - no excuses!!!


Trixie said...

Hi Shari!
I recently found your blog,and love it! I have just recently started Crossfit here in NY and love it! Would it be okay to email you some questions?

Shari Baby said...

YES!!! Email away