Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brittany aka BritHoney

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I'm going to start introducing my amazing clients here on my bog. This is Brittnay....she's a talented model and also starred in a musical where she played "Ariel" from The Little Mermaid. Can you see the resemblance? I met BritHoney a few months back when I was walking out of Starbucks in Scotts Valley. She ran up to me at my car and asked if I was a personal trainer. I said..."yea I am...I train here in Sv at CrossFit....blah blah blah..." She asked for my business card and told me she wanted to look like me. I thought..."aww...she's so freaking sweet!" Anyway, she ended up emailing me and the rest is history. When she first came to me she could maybe perform 5 air squats at a time without having to stop for air and to stretch out her legs. Seriously...she would get winded and cheat full extension as best she could and hated anything that was too sweaty. BUT NOW.....she is amazing! She can do squats without a problem, pushups, dips, and her power clean is beautiful!! It's truly a joy to train her...she's a kind hearted, loving, friendly woman. She always comes to her session ready to push hard and continue even if she feels like crying during the WOD. Look for her because she's just getting better and better.,.....and I love being a part of her life. PLUS...she just got started on the Zone and so far so good. I have no doubt she will do everything she puts her mind to!

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gloria jean said...

LOVE this post! How exciting to see your clients. I saw Brittany's pic on the main site the other day. WOW! I have to say that I'm most impressed with Marion's pic considering the description that you gave of her. I could use some inspiration like Marion. I'm at a point with CF (only a year in)where I'm finding myself at a plateau and taking too many days off. I know there's a bomb li'l body just 10-12 pounds away but I haven't kicked it up that extra notch which in my case means showing up 4 days a week instead of 2-3. Thanks for the motivation! What an impressive portfolio you're building Shari. It was nice to see you in 'real life' at the gym the other day. Seeing you run was fun. You just glide along with seeming effortlessness.