Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shari and Heidi

Me and my new awesome room mate Heidi. Notice I did some shoe therapy shopping....amazing wine colored patent leather mary janes. LOVE THEM!! So I get a call today from an amazing man in seattle telling me how he appreciates the fact that I am transparent and vulnerable on my blog. I told him thank you that I appreciate that because some people out there say I should not talk about whats been going on in my life or mention names or situations. But after talking with him I realized ...TOUGH! I am who I am. I will write what I feel because it is healing for me. People forgot that I have been hurt - badly - this is what I need to do to heal. If you don't want to read about my personal thoughts then you don't have to... : )


Jenny said...


You look amazing girl! Glad to hear about your business, that´s awesome! If you have any questions about anything just send me an email, ok? Miss you, and I wish I could be there for you.. But I´m hoping that me, Mads and Rasmus can come to Santa Cruz next summer!

Thank you for taking such good care of me this summer, You are always welcome to our house!

Much love
Jenny from Sweden

Shane V. said...

Hi Shari,
I just wanted to drop you a line (or many :)) to tell you how sorry I am that your going through this. I went through a similar situation two years ago with my ex-fiance and it sometimes still bothers me. I won't demean you by telling you to "buck up" or telling you what a dirtbag he was for leaving you. But what I will say that YOU are worth something and that second guessing yourself and the things that you my have done wrong (if anything) in the relationship only leads to misery.
You need to heal from this major betrayal and care for your self. I know it is extremely difficult; I saw posts you had made through out you blog about how happy you were. But YOU are WORTH MUCH MORE! In my case the realization came after a lot of soul searching. You see after my ex left me I didn't want to get out of bed to go to work, or hang out with friends or do anything. And I lost a ton of weight and just generally felt like shit. Plus I spoke to everyone I knew about it ...even if I barely knew them. I just couldn't understand why she had done it. And I was looking for answers on why she would cheat, lie, and eventually leave me.
But after a while I realized that it didn't matter. It wasn't going to change my situation or reality.
But what did matter is that I realized that she wasn't the person I thought she was. Nor did I want someone like that in my life.
Surround your self with with genuine, loving friends who will care for you and listen to you when your feeling down. But will also tell you hard truths about your self and you actions. My friends did that and more. For example, four months after my ex moved back with her ex (and about 7 months after we separated) I was still trying to analyze every word or action ( I had hopes of us getting back together) that she put out there. Finally one day I was hanging out at a friends comic store ( I know, I know I am a big geek) doing my best Freud on my ex. My friend just said "Stop. If you mention her name again I will punch you in the face." I was stunned! And then I thought about it. Here was one of best friends, who is a total pacifist, on top of being an extremely out of shape 40 yr old, telling me, a guy who does BJJ and MMA, that he would punch me in the face. And he was serious! He knew that I could whip him, but he still was risking bodily harm to himself just to get me to move on.

Surround your self with love, my dear and morn the relationship. But remember that you are a AMAZING PERSON!! And never let anyone take that away from you.


Andrew said...

Writing is good therapy. Vent.
Exercise. Eat well.
Love your kids and keep them close.
Be strong. Pray without ceasing.

MajTJKingKong said...

Hi Shari,

Let it out. Stewing in an invisible darknes of depression is the worst, vent, workout, keep posting your amazing photos.

As a reader of Evs's blog and crossfit, I had seen your photos for years (and well thought, wow she is super hot) then google reader found your blog. I have been loving getting to know you. Seeing your pride in your children and your accomplishments.

Keep it up Shari. I am certain there will be no shortage of men willing to step into your life. Go slow, don't just hit bids of suitors, but enjoy life.

Frankly, I think B made a horrible choice and if I see him out here in the Balto-Wash area I will tell him just as much.



Bonnie said...

You girls have a rocking weekend!
Keep blogging--you have people out here that just want to see you--well--we just want to see yo

Karin said...

Those shoes are smokin'... (and in a totally not weird way, I promise, so is the woman wearing them).

It is your prerogative to use names, dates, and details. Last time I checked the 1st Amendment hadn't been completely revoked.

mrsmommyb said...

THAT'S HOT!!! haha. LOVE the heels, shari. =]

SmugLife said...

Hang in there Babe. All the boys at IGX are pulling for you!

gloria jean said...

Yeah, I was checkin' out those shoes, too! Shari, you are definitely one hot mamma!

kiltedjim said...

Post more nearly nekkid pics.

You look a hell of a lot better than FattyNYC.

MajTJKingKong said...

YES, you look so much better than FattyNYC. I just don't see it, and I can't believe any man would make that trade.

Keep moving forward and this will be miles away before you know it just be a memory.



Eva T. said...

Gloria , you have been brave and true to Shari. I laughed at your post on NYC's facebook. That was cool, but you were totally nice about it. I am holding my " tongue" because I would have lit up the keyboard. We all know Shari will be in a better place and possibly the best place of her life soon!

goodaa said...

Hope you're feeling better. You two look great in that picture.

jjxfit said...
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Soccer said...

The shoes are nice.

mrsmommyb said...

mad love and support on all ends, shari. glad you have friends for support!! =]