Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marian Crockett

Ah...Marian. She is probably the client that has made the most improvement. I've been training Marian since 2006 and she could not perform a squat without falling over and couldn't hold her body in a plank. She was weak beyond weak and had zero muscle mass. She was a runner when I met her...actually met her at the Santa Cruz Track Club Monday night workout. It was her, Jen and Leslie who asked me while doing 400 meter repeats what I did to look the way I do...I said "CrossFit baby!" The rest is history! They quickly became my first crazy 5am group and would train with me every Tues and Thurs 5am at the old CrossFit SC HQ gym. I taught Marian how to fuel her body for performance and to taper from running so much so she could put her all into the programming at CF. Look how her body changed! I'm going to ask her for a before pic so you all can see what i mean....but trust me, she looks like a different woman. Healthy, Strong and making PR's left and right. Marian has a crazy deadlift fact I think that's her fav exercise. Her 3 rep max is 190 and she's a little thing weighing 115 pounds. She's got 13 kipping pullups and she worked so hard to just get 1. I love my 5am girls.....and I love watching them do what they didn't think possible for them, and see how their bodies up I have to post about Jen Buckley....she's nothing short of amazing!!! Yea Marian!!!

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