Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ian Schiller

This is my client Ian. He's Marians boyfriend and trains with me Monday Wednesday and Friday with Jen and Buck (ill post them later) at 5am at NSC. Ian's an avid mountain bike rider (he's pretty bad ass at it) and owns his own media company Parish Media. He shoots commercials, print work, and picture ads for many clients including some sports teams. He's a jokester and makes coming in at 5am fun for me. Ian's favorite thing to do is to try and get me to compromise the workout somehow. Either by reps scheme or weight used or rounds. He says that one day the workout will be for them to make me take a dose of my own medicine and they'll train me while they yell at me like I do to them! I love it. Ian's always been pretty strong, but he's gotten a lot stronger for sure. He has amazing back squat, bench press and snatch strength and races Buck at every workout. Another amazing client of mine! Oh, Ian started training with me shortly after Marian did...maybe it was a competitive streak in the house. these guys!! Thanks for making Monday - Friday 4am wake up easy to do. Not very many people can say that they love what they do for a living and I am one of the lucky ones who can say that and truly mean it. I'm proud to be their trainer!!!

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