Sunday, September 07, 2008


Well.....Am I chopped liver or something ???
When betrayal happens in your life you can't help but wonder.."what's wrong with me?" The reality is that it has nothing to do with me. People make choices and decisions in their lives, unfortunately sometimes without taking into consideration how their choices will affect others. I know I am strong, healthy, kind, and thoughtful...I have much love in my heart which is why it gets hurt easily. Posting this pic is probably a little shallow....but truthfully , I could use a little ego boost! :)



Jack Bauer said...

Hey Shari Baby
Jack Bauer from Zombie Fitness. Thanks for checking out our blog! Just wanted to say you have no idea the amount of love you get from NYC! You're a great Crossfitter and an even classier act.

Stay golden sweetie. Time heals all wounds. And remember, it's a dish best served cold. Holla!

MJ said...

I'm not really sure how I found your blog--it must have been linked on someone's running blog. Anyway, before your blog I had never heard of Crossfit. After reading about it, I started looking into it and a new Crossfit gym opened a few miles from me. So far the times they offer the foundations classes haven't worked for me so I haven't been able to join, but I do plan on following through with it and giving it a try. So thank you for that. Sorry that it seems thing have been rough for you lately. Hang in there.
PS The picture isn't displaying on your posting.

Shari Baby said...


That means a lot in these times. Trust me. I need all the love I can get. Thanks again....

Shari Baby said...


I'm so thankful you found CrossFit. Even more amazed you found it through ME. Take the time to get to your local XFit box. You will NOT be sorry. The quality training, and even higher quality of people (beside a couple) is nothing short of spectacular. Trust me. Since you are a runner check out

HOOPLA said...

Brendan needs his eyes and head examined.

Keith said...

You're da bomb, Shari! Sending you love from NYC and Crossfit Virtuosity.

Robin said...

I hope things get better for you soon. Keep your head up.

P.S. Picture isn't showing on your site.

Vivian said...

Hey there Shari!
Know that you're the STAR that lights my Crossfit/Zone path. My love and admiration are always there for you. Memories of our workouts - your encouragement and your cheers - live on in my mind and positively affect every part of my life.

Whatever it is that's going on, hang in there. One step at a time.

Love You! Vivian

Shari Baby said...! I am so glad to hear from you. Where the HELL have you been girl!? I miss you at CrossFit! Well...Brendan moved to Virginia and broke it off with me to follow a dream job out other stuff. My life has been crazy this past month to say the least. It's been insane and I will miss him like crazy..we'll talk! Kisses...

MMAds said...


This is Jenny from Sweden. I tried to send you an e mail. Did you get it?
My email adress is

Much love

Aimee said...
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DIF - CrossFit Cape Fear said...

Nothing to say that wouldn't sound trite and condescending... I'll leave it at I'm sorry to hear this happened.

You rock and seem like an awesome lady that has so much to give. While it's unfair to say. Hang in there, things will get better. The truth is, over time they will - It just sucks in the interim...

While it won't feel like this, check out John 14:27... then take comfort in that by taking extra care of yourself, pamper yourself, get more rest (and of course workout), spend a lot of extra time with your kids cause I know this must have hit them hard, and know that you are the woman you described in your post - someone who has much love in her heart.


CJ21 said...

The chickens will soon come home to roost for that girl. Until now, she's been kind of a harmless joke. Sure everyone knew that she was passed around like a bowl of chips but she didn't mess with anyone's family. Now people see that she's not all that concerned with hurting decent people, even children. She's not getting away with it because people are taking notes.

I'll just conclude by echoing what others have said. You're a winner, a blind man can see it from a mile away. You'll land on your feet and be stronger than ever. Just ride out the storm and know a lot of people think highly of you and are sorry to see you suffer.

Harley said...


Don't know you--but I feel as if I do through your blog and the strength of our community.

I am sorry that through the blatant bragging and hinting of a child we have all borne witness to an embarrassing situation. I know we are all consenting adults, but to conduct one's exploits so blatantly is frightening to me as a human being.

Yet you, dear Shari, keep blogging because we in NYC adore you and love seeing pics of you and your beautiful family.

It is crazy this internet. But the support is there.

Class act=Shari Keener.

jjxfit said...

Shari- I've been a Crossfitter for over a year. I've been following the AllisonNYC drama and couldn't contain myself as far as posting a note to you.

First of all Brendan is a fool. Men often make bad decisions based on sex. Not making excuses for him though. He's as guilty as she is, if not guiltier. He will wake up to this nightmare soon and realize what a mistake he's made.

What was her quote on her blog? "Boyfriends don't get taken away, they leave." No, no... that should read..."Boyfriends don't leave or get taken away, they are thrown out on their ass."

As for AllisonNYC...the whole CF community has had it with her drama. She was thrown out of California after the Games...kicked out and sent flying back to NYC. Ever wonder why? Everyone knows.

She brags about the number of people that read her workout log on the message boards but the truth is that she clicks on that log about a thousand times a day to make it appear that peeps are reading it. (you can tell this but looking at her profile when she's logged in).

So let's get this straight... Brendan is now with a rolly-polly drama queen who doesn't have a job (has she ever had one?) , lives with her mother, doesn't drive a car, CF-free-loader, and is a major slut... WHAT??!!!! He's about to hit rock bottom.

You will come out on top, Shari. Keep on smiling and doing what you love to do! Can't imagine the guys lined up at your door but I'm sure you aren't ready for that yet! In will be a blast so enjoy it! Stay stong! You are a beautiful person!

Shari Baby said...

Dear everybody who took the time to reach out to me,

All of you are amazing! Some of your posts maybe I should have read and deleted and not posted...but, when I read on allisons blog that "boyfriends aren't stolen, they leave" I thought to myself...fuck it! I am so hurt by all of this, that its all I can do to read the many e mails I have gotten from all over the world and get support. Its helping me tremendously! Thank you....thank you....thank you!

Much love to my amazing CrossFit community!!!

Super Groover said...


I don't know you at all, but feel for you. Press on and keep up the positive attitude!!

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” —M. Kathleen Casey

Juan Gonzalez said...

Jesus Christ! Kinda hard to feel sorry for you, looking like the way you do. Get rid of that rear view mirror and don't worry so much, you'll be fine you bad ass chick you.

ps. when is your calendar coming out?

Hari said...


You have two things she will never have: love and respect.

No, three things: love, respect, and an infinitely better body.

Actually, I could keep going--personality, class, intellect. But you get the picture, and so does everyone else.

Doug said...

I got clued into this a little late so I'll refrain from putting in my two cents, but I HAD to comment on your picture. Wow! I think that's all I have. Just... WOW. It' not often I'm speechless...

Hopefully one day our paths will cross. I see you know John V. from my neck of the woods.