Thursday, January 10, 2008

Get up UP!!

Thursday while I taught the young kids 3:30 class - my kids and their friends practiced their handstands, rop climbs and boxing techniques. They got pretty good! The hard part was trying to snap a pic while they were all locked out! That's my son Brandon on the end trying to get back into a handstand - this was the best pic where they were almost up at the same time....sorry B! Check out how ripped Jacob's abs are! He did a dual rope climb with no legs....using his arms he alternated pulls while being between 2 almost all the way to the top too!! Talk about a Kick ass CrossFitter in the near future. He even almost got a muscle up first day on the rings. Nice job!!

Workout :

Row 20 calories
20 thrusters at 25#
20 knees to elbows
20 double unders

rest 2 miinutes - then repeat for 5 rounds!!!
This one did me in. The row for calories sucked ASS!! Give it a try and see how you do. I think I finished in 23 something ?
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